Care Coordinator/Canon City

This individual provides care coordination designed to improve individual and/or family quality of life for a specified client group and their families. The Care Coordinator organizes comprehensive health care and community-based services, home visits, and assessments. This person is responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating healthcare plans in an outpatient environment; collaborating with other healthcare providers, community service agencies, and schools to coordinate care.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates, monitors, and evaluates provider services and care, to include home and/or school visits, physician/hospital visits, and therapy visits, for a specified client population.
  • Documents all client encounters and contracts made on behalf of clients/families.
  • Evaluates and documents the progress of individual therapeutic programs and makes modifications, as required.
  • Facilitates client/family access to healthcare, school, and community resources; assists client/family to develop natural resources and make contact with social support networks; develops resources as appropriate to meet client/family needs in their community.
  • Performs a range of associated administrative functions, as appropriate, such as monitoring budgets, preparing administrative and programmatic reports and correspondence, and submitting billing documentation, as required.
  • Travels to outreach locations to meet with clients/families, coordinate services, and attend regular staff and management meetings.
  • Works with clients and/or families to assess, develop, implement, monitor, and recommend modifications to comprehensive, cost-effective care plans, using a multidisciplinary process.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications:  

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

  • Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical personnel.
  • Ability to develop, implement, and modify multidisciplinary health care plans.
  • Ability to develop, implement, evaluate and modify therapeutic programs and services.
  • Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.
  • Ability to travel on a regular basis.
  • Knowledge of billing procedures for clinical and social services.
  • Knowledge of clinical and social services documentation procedures and standards.
  • Knowledge of community health services and social services support agencies and networks.
  • Knowledge of nursing and case management theory and practice.
  • Knowledge of patient care charts and patient histories.
  • Organizing and coordinating skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community. 

Education or Formal Training:

  • Degree in Nursing or human services-related field preferred.
  • Where licensure is required, applicants must possess licensure in their profession at the time of application. Initial appointment may be based upon comparable licensure in any state; however, Colorado licensure is required within two years of appointment as a condition of continued employment.


  • Minimum of 2 years of integrated healthcare experience that can be demonstrated to be applicable to the duties listed in the job description.

Position Type:

Full time non-exempt position.