School Based Specialist – Buena Vista/Lake County

The primary goal of this position is to act as a liaison to foster outreach, consultation and collaboration between the Buena Vista/Lake County school districts and Solvista Health.  The targeted school districts have expressed a specific need for increased consultation in order to strengthen their systematic approach for supporting children and families with identified behavioral health needs. The school based mental health specialist is the connection for school-aged children to the community mental health center for formal treatment.  An additional goal of the position is to provide school districts training opportunities, including, but not limited to, Mental Health First Aid as well as trauma specific training to recognize and implement a trauma-informed school culture.  Liaison services will occur by school personnel submitting referrals to the school-based specialist, and for the school-based specialist to outreach to clients to facilitate identification and access to appropriate levels of care.

Education or Formal Training:

Master’s degree in related field, licensure or licensed eligible is requirement.


Three years of clinical experience as a licensed mental health professional; or combination of training, education, experience, and licensure or registration that is equivalent and provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Position Type

Part-time (3 days per week) exempt position