Mobile Crisis Assistant & Care Manager for Justice Involved Clients/Lake Co.

Be a part of our integrated healthcare team! Solvista Health is located in beautiful southern Colorado, serving a rural four-county region. We are located close to excellent outdoor activities such as mountain hiking trails, mountain biking, and whitewater river sports.

This is a full-time, grant funded position in our Leadville office. This individual provides recovery support services for individuals that have involvement with law enforcement or the justice system.  Position links individual(s) to the required resources to prevent further encounters with the justice system.  The individual hired will work closely with mobile crisis services and target those individuals with law enforcement contact in order to reduce law enforcement costs and incarceration rates.  They will work to link the individual into treatment and track progress aiming to reduce incidents of law enforcement involvement, as well as attempting to avert the number of days the person spends in jail.  They will also provide monitoring and outreach support for clients who have been identified within the jail as needing behavioral health services and will follow up post jail discharge to ensure the offender has been linked with needed resources.

Included in this role are ongoing communication with probation/parole, regular attendance and participation at all Specialty Courts, and routine contact with law enforcement.  Bilingual Spanish language preferred.

Education Requirement:

Bachelor's degree in human services related field required.

Type of Position