Connecting With Others An Important Tool To Thrive

May Is Mental Health Month and the theme this year is #Tools2Thrive.  Certain habits, practices and routines can help us thrive both physically and mentally, even during very difficult times. One of those tools that helps us thrive is connecting with others.

It’s possible to be surrounded by people and still feel alone. It’s the connections we make with

other people that help enrich our lives and get us through tough times, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to make those connections. Right now, we have to be more creative and innovative how we connect with others, but it can be done!

Try these tips for connecting:

  • Make time to be social. Working and taking care of life’s other daily responsibilities is time consuming and many of us feel exhausted by the end of the day. While it’s tempting to just sit on the sofa and zone out in front of the TV, that time can be spent in a more meaningful way. Set aside at least half an hour each day to connect with other people outside of work.
  • Not all connections have to be done in person. While spending time with someone face-to-face helps to create the strongest relationships, phone calls, text messsaging, emails, and video chats can maintain friendships when distance or time constraints get in the way of hanging out.
  • Use shared experience as a topic of conversation. Use your current situation as a topic to talk about. Maybe you notice someone is wearing a shirt from a place that you’ve been and that can be an icebreaker. Hometown sports, local news and events, or even the weather can also get a conversation going.
  • Pay attention to what other people are interested in. For instance, you may notice a family portrait or a pet’s picture. Ask them how old their children are, or what their pet’s name is - and show genuine interest in their answers. Ask follow-up questions and if appropriate, share something relevant about yourself, like how many children you have or the name of your pet.
  • The last tip is actually a CHALLENGE! In our effort to make connections with others let’s set a goal to call 5 of our friends or family this week and challenge each of them to call 5 more people.  Imagine the number of people that will connect this week!

Remember, if you are struggling with feeling alone or isolated, Solvista Health has mental health professionals available 24/7. Just call, 719-275-2351. Or, you can text the Colorado Crisis line by texting TALK to 38255.


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