Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist

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The goal of the Early Childhood Mental Health Program is to provide mental health services to young children, birth through 8 years old. At Solvista Health, we understand this age is a crucial time in a child's development and strive to make our services easily accessible to families. We take an individualized approach to each child and family's needs. A treatment plan unique to each child is developed in close partnership with each parent and/or guardian. Some of the services that may be available within this program are:

  • Screening and assessment to determine what needs may be present in a young child's life.
  • In home and school based outreach to parents and families who would prefer to be seen in the child's natural learning environment.
  • We connect families to area resources and opportunities
  • We work closely with the schools and/or primary care physicians depending on the need of the family.
  • Provide support to new mothers who may be experiencing "baby blues" or signs and symptoms of post-partum depression.

Assessments and services that may be included in treatment:

  • Developmental Screening – Screening can help detect potential social-emotional, health and developmental difficulties early on. It typically entails the use of a screening tool such as the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and observation.
  • Developmental Assessment/Evaluation – Developmental assessments are completed using parental insight, teacher observations and the child's records. The assessment will aid in the discovery of learning, developmental and other delays and can be used as a guide for future actions.
  • Consultation – Consultation services are individualized according to the person, situation and need. They are collaborative in nature and provided by a professional with expertise in early childhood mental health. Consultation is provided in a natural setting for the family or child such as the home or early learning environment. Consultation is also provided to early care and learning providers.
  • Parent Services – Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists provide training to parents in a group setting or one-on-one coaching either in the community or in the home. The ECMHS can help bridge the gap between the educational setting and the home.

Therapy Groups for the Early Childhood Program include:

  • Maternal Wellness Group: The Maternal Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Mood Disorder Project (PPD/PMD) provides depression screenings and intervention services for women suspected of having postpartum depression and/or perinatal mood disorders (PPD/MD).