Solvista Health Colorado Spirit Program Offers Local Counseling and Support Oct. 22, 2020

Cañon City, CO –  Solvista Health is thrilled to be a new member of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Colorado Spirit Program to provide free COVID-19 counseling and support to our local communities. The pandemic has caused massive impacts both economically and emotionally on many creating the need for additional support. Solvista aims to use the Colorado Spirit grant funding to help meet those needs.

Colorado Spirit counselors are trained to provide support around the stress and disruption the pandemic is causing for people.  These counselors do not provide traditional mental health treatment and diagnosis.  Counselors can be a listening ear, a connection to resources, or a coach for developing coping skills.

During a pandemic or other type of disaster such as a wildfire or hurricane, it is normal for those impacted to feel overwhelmed, scared, tired, depressed, anxious, angry and a whole host of emotions. Solvista wants people to know this is normal and, it’s okay to not feel okay during these unusual times.

Solvista Health is hosting two Community Engagement calls this month with community members and leaders from Custer, Fremont, Lake and Chaffee Counties.  The purpose of the two meetings is to gather valuable feedback which will be used to help identify areas of highest behavioral health needs in our local communities.  This information will help the team develop targeted support locally.

“Our first priority upon receiving this opportunity was to ask our community partners what they are seeing and experiencing locally,” said Mandy Kaisner, COO of Solvista Health.  “We are fortunate to be part of very dynamic communities with people who really care about supporting one another and want to be involved.”

The services provided through the Colorado Spirit program are confidential, free and do not require enrollment in Solvista Health services.  If you are feeling the stressful impacts of COVID-19 and need to talk, please call Solvista Health at 719-275-2351, and ask for the Colorado Spirit Support Program.


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